Sakura Taisen - Screen Shots
10.03.2002 Small screen update RPG-Zone!
Dating-Sim Style interations Pink mech's ownz j00. "Her power level is rising!"(/DBZ)
07.07.2002 New PS2 Screens Source: The Magicbox
That's a pretty pink sword there Nice big pink eye too Energy bolts everywhere
Big white mecha Big white mecha - flying mode  
Archive Gameplay Screens Source: The GIA
Speaking with Sakura Oogami seems downcast Khoran fails an experiment
Sakura seems embarrassed Sakura prods Oogami Splash screen
Enemy group Oogami in Uniform Group of the girls
Battle Shots
Sakura speaks Attacking the Enemy Mechs take the field
Tower battle Oogami Attacks Shocked mechs
Anime Shots
Iris carries a wreath Kanna talks to some children Khoran relaxes on some pillows
Maria blushing Maria and Sakura Sumire at the poolside
Woman in Blue Iris Kanna
Khoran Maria - 2 Sakura - 2
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