Sakura Taisen 4 - Screen Shots
04.09.2002 Even More Fun impress Watch
Please accept this! The whole cast 'n crew, looks like Go. Away. Now.
Heeeere comes pinkie! The fight is underway! Noooooo! A whole bunch o' robots A conversation! Joy.
"Huh? What was that noise?" Choices, choices, choices. Now there's a strange-looking contraption!
Managing They look happy. You just stay away from this guy!
Big versus little Fear my big pointy...hurty thing. Firing off a missile
Why, hello there! And, what could this be? Face looks a bit stressed
That just reeks of smugness Looks a bit cocky, there, too Smiles, all around
Hey, look at that Out of my way. Right now. A butler-like fellow
02.18.2002 Fun With Screens
Standing and staring GRR-BAH Surrounded
Ballistic pink balls Colored bars Face/Off
The Dreaming Girl (with teddy) Are you threatening me? That's the wrong look, buddy
Yum yum Seen through a window ...Exciting
Purple explosion Mecha of DOOM Face/Off 2: The Reckoning
Giant gun Maids are in In frame
Double your pleasure Quintuple your pleasure! Stern mistress
01.23.2002 Several More Screens Magic Box
Gleaming in the sun Oh, I'm so embarrassed! Standing mech
"Hey Ichiro, how are ya?" Freaky hairstyle Stopping a trolley barehanded
Everyone's embarrassed in this game Sword sweeps Say cheese
Well hello Talking with Sakura Big and bad
Industrial complex It's for good luck, I'm sure Subtitles for subtitles?
Big glowing mech Is that so? Mech racing
Are you suggesting what I think you're suggesting? To the book depository! And one more
01.16.2002 First Handful of Screens Magic Box
Magic in the making Sakura brings the noise And poses in her mech
Mech-on-mech action Oogami Tee-hee
Roaming the pad Nice-looking mechs Armor on the run
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