Unlimited SaGa - Screen Shots
05.26.2003 E3 Screens
Ability Parry! That orc is 5 times bigger then him All his skills
It's being reversed Only 9 people? Kurt to the rescue
Equip Menu Ready and waiting The Fiend is protecting the Chamber
What does that mean? It better not have a potion in it Prepare the combo
05.02.2003 High-res Screens
Ability released ""Who are you?" Taking on the three-eyed frog
Murder trial, that is... Rock dropping Kawazu Throw
Setting your skills Setting your party Battle is a tiring affair
"My yellow aura will protect me!" Flashy dropkick You can use the enemy as a trampoline!
Taking a whack Delivering the uppercut An ally watches in excitment
Magical Kicking dragon butt Three more allies ready to attack
Preparing for an explosive attack KERPLOW! Allies join in on the fun
Time to finish off the foe Is that a baby dragon? Awwwww! Smithing some weapons
Selecting base items to use in creating a weapon Insert sick joke here All these attacks are masked by the brilliant light!
How dramatic! This attack may also be applied to a Big Mac Dragons know the secret of the almight Grizzly Bear
Say "Hi!" to Judy Treasure! Let's give Judy some magic
A drowning attack More flashy offense BURN!
He's literally stoned Look at that giant marble "Quick, get the Holy Water!"
Inch backward ever so slowly... This command tortures poor little Armic Judy enjoys fish
What to do with this scroll? Crack some skulls! Pharr gets ready to attack
Toss the enemy "One time I got really drunk at the Tumbleweed Inn..." "Another time I met this really pretty girl at the Dixon Inn..."
Spikes! "Read the tablet using the elements." More treasure!
"Sure! Do I get health care benefits and a 401(k) too?" "Select the panel to be swapped." Armic is getting funky!
Battling a lanky monster Select an ability for Armic STOP!!!
Spikey... STOP those spikes! How to navigate across this?
More battle slots! Shinies. Plants need to eat, too.
03.09.2003 Official screens
Vicious-looking lightning bolt. Thwack! More lightning bolt zapping.
Mmm, lobster meat.    
10.27.2002 Pinch of Screens
Tut Tut? Text Overlay Conversation
Map Conversation Island Photo T(r)oll Bridge
Lightning Catches One!    
10.05.2002 Even More Screens
A dual attack Massive bow attack When in doubt, resort to fire
"Where am I supposed to go?" "Am I supposed to go to this cave?" Meeting the undead along the way
"Perhaps you know the way? "You're lucky I'm full from the last ten humans who came by..." Treasure!
09.27.2002 TGS Screens
Title screen Happy balloons and creepy people Ugh, so very bored
Youthful enthusiasm Fireworks  
09.19.2002 More Screens
"Why do we gotta do stupid guard duty?!" Fighting evil plant creatures Battle strategizing
"You look kind of like Zorro, without the costume." The left fork or right fork? Let's go to the cathedral!
07.11.02 First Screens
Big spinny thing Lightning Bolt Colorful map screen
More of the map screen In a forest Something's happenin'!
Battle in the forest    
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