RPG Tsukuru Advance - Screen Shots
04.05.2003 More Screens
What do you want in your town? Quick! Set it on fire! Ahh, the good old days...
Sparse living Hey, this isn't Baghdad! What's your town theme?
A nice day at the beach Duck! Was it blocked?
Playing god Whirlwind 2! The dragon family is out for revenge
Pre-made configurations Icon chooser Let's get the party started!
Decisions, decisions... Don't you wish you could pick your family like this?
11.30.2002 Initial Screens
So many objects to choose from A menu screen Area selection, perhaps?
More menu screens Creating a world Various landmarks
Abracadabra -- instant town! A now a castle, too Object properties?
It's good to be the king Overview of the map Looks like a nice spot for a boss...
Building a town Close-up view of a town Somebody should hire an interior decorator!
It's a logging town! More object properties? Our small town gains some personality
Character selection Menu screen, revisited Ahhh! Animal invasion!
Opening title screen Battle demonstration Mean looking dragon
Character property sheet More character selection Connecting rooms
Another unnamed menu Casting battle magic World map
Dr. Doolittle comes to town Editing our town Even more menus
Aren't these some great menus? Game in action Yes... it's... a menu!
Selecting something to edit? Character properties Designing the player's demise
Designing the player Menu screen #238723 Setting map properties
Ordering of some sort World building
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