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My game is better than your game.

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You are a RPG fanatic. You play every RPG you can get your hands on, you spend hours every day reading about RPG related news, previews, reviews, etc., and above all, you love to debate about what games and game series are the best. For some reason, RPG players love to scrutinize and argue about every last detail in their favorite games. You know the discussion:

Sarcasm in an RPG
Using RPG Maker, you can make your very own RPG!

Player A: "Generic Dungeon Warrior has a deeper battle system, so it's the best."
Player B: "No way, Effeminate Fantasy 3 has better graphics, music, and a more complex story, so it's the best."
Player A: "What!? No way, you're so wrong. Enough bickering, let's settle this with a FIGHT!!! You know, in Pokemon Stadium..."

On a Ship
Your game can take place anywhere.

Now, with a new Playstation game from Ascii Entertainment and Agetec, you will have a reason to defend a game's merits like they are an extension of yourself, because it will be your game and your ideas in question. That's right, RPG Maker lets you create your own 16-bit styled RPG, and adds such depth of customization and features that your game has potential to be a sprawling epic, rivaling the classics of the SNES era, or if you want, a whimsical adventure, catering to the tastes and humor of you and your friends.

World Editor
Customize almost everything.

Every part of the game you create can be customized. The game supplies tons of pre-created graphics a layouts: 60 character graphics, 99 monster graphics, 30 magic graphics, 127 event graphics, 247 custom dungeon images, 26 dungeon backgrounds, and 251 field map images. If those don't appeal to you, make your own using Anime Maker, a simple paint and animation program that lets you design original graphics and layouts for use in your game.

After you have designed your world, you can change attributes of the characters and monsters. Design your own spells, determine how much damage weapons take off when used, determine how difficult a boss will be, etc. Almost every detail you can imagine can be modified for your battle system. Moreover, in game switches enable your games progression to unfold the way you want it to. When the player completes the task you specify, an event is triggered, opening up a story sequence or possibly a new path in a dungeon to wherever you choose.

To make your game's world truly alive, you can add dialogue to the townsfolk or during game events. Using the Playstation's controllers to input all of the text can be a tedious process, but it will be well worth the time to add an interesting story to your game.

Do you have a brilliant idea for a console RPG, but haven't been able to actually translate into a game? RPG Maker is definitely the right choice for you. Or perhaps you only want to play an unlimited number of fan made games? You will still want to buy RPG Maker. With the use of a Dex Drive, game designers can share their creations with other fans on the internet. RPG Maker allows for such a level of creativity and detail in making an RPG, that a designer with enough time and effort could create a true masterpiece.

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