Ragnarok Online - Artwork
01.04.2003 Alternate character classes to come Game-Watch
Crusaders Alchemists Sages
Rogues Monks The Bard and the Dancer
Tuxedo & Wedding Dress Sprites: Crusaders Sprites: Monks
Sprites: Alchemists Sprites: Sages Sprites: Rogues
Sprites: Bard & Dancer
12.17.2002 Complete Character Art
Male Novice Male Swordsman Male Thief
Female Novice Female Swordsman Female Thief
Male Acolyte Male Archer Male Merchant
Female Acolyte Female Archer Female Marchant
Male Magician Male Knight Male Assassin
Female Magician Female Knight Female Assassin
Male Priest Male Hunter Male Blacksmith
Female Priest Female Hunter Female Blacksmith
Male Wizard Forest Town Payon Magical City Geffen
Female Wizard Desert Oasis Town Morroc Port Town Alberta
Capital City Prontera
12.17.2002 Animated Player Battle Sprites
Animated: Male Novice Animated: Male Swordsman Animated: Male Thief
Animated: Female Novice Animated: Female Swordsman Animated: Female Thief
Animated: Male Acolyte Animated: Male Archer Animated: Male Merchant
Animated: Female Acolyte Animated: Female Archer Animated: Female Marchant
Animated: Male Magician Animated: Male Knight Animated: Male Assassin
Animated: Female Magician Animated: Female Knight Animated: Female Assassin
Animated: Male Priest Animated: Male Hunter Animated: Male Blacksmith
Animated: Female Priest Animated: Female Hunter Animated: Female Blacksmith
Animated: Male Wizard Animated: Female Wizard
01.22.2002 Character Designs impress Watch
Novices Swordsmen Archers
Magicians Merchants Thieves
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