Phantasy Star Online Episode III: C.A.R.D. Revolution - Screen Shots
03.06.2004 North American Screens
Battle on Giant purple death Don't you just want to throw a penny off of the edge
MOVE! Fighting on a whindmill 12345 joins your party
Time to attack Fighting in a forest Singing in the rain
01.03.2004 Various Screens
The Title Screen Some pregame interface ...and more
Hai! "Dice" "Set"
A big area "Draw" Really, really zoomed-out shot
07.01.2003 Several More Screens
Where are they coming from? High stakes Pick your race
We're flying The high roll wins -4... ouch?
My monster is bigger Some new strategy Pick a card any card
Team up! He has five HP! He must be a boss Purchase?
More items Is this HQ? Take one step forward
04.28.2003 First Screens
Card playing is fun Mage goodness Purple is my favorite color
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