Pokémon Stadium Gold/Silver - Screen Shots
03.30.2001 42 Screens  
Opening Screen Prof. Oak's Lab The GameBoy tower
Nanu Nanu Playing your GB game on the N64 Saving
A gift from Prof. Oak Be my mystery gift friend? Where would you like to go?
Earl's Pokémon class Pop quiz Area Map
Select your pokémon Pichu Another Area Map
You must choose, but choose wisely Gameboy map overlay Playing with dolls
Not unlike the real thing... Stadium challenge cup Is that your final answer?
Uh... Splat? Owwww! Marcus lost
Ooo... shiny Aahhh! Little spider thing! Go Sandshrew!
Wanna play a game? Furret's Frolic Topsy-turvy
You win! A mini-game Racing
Another mini-game Oopse! You lost! Oh look! it's Chansey!
Flying around Prime cup Marill vs Swinub
Go Marill! It's super effective! Aww... Marcus lost again
08.06.2000 First Screens Source: IGN
Pichu vs. Pichu Marill vs. genderless thing Go, Chikorita!
Red Gyrados? Genderless thing vs. Marill That's gonna leave a mark
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