Pokémon Stadium - Screen Shots
03.10.2000 Release Screens
Start screen Checking Transfer Paks Stadium Areas
Lab menu Swapping Pokémon Pokédex: Mew
Locating Pikachu Doduo's Nest Gym Leader's Castle
Mew Pikachu waves Dragonite
Pokémon Yellow Start Yellow: Talking to Pikachu Kangaskhan attacks
Golem is ready Porygon arrives Snorlax takes a nap
Mewtwo stands tall Psychic attack!  
02.02.2000 More English Screens
Facing off! Crispy or extra crispy? And Volt attacks!
Hundrest of on-lookers...look on Killer bubbles! This should be a good fight
Is than an Onyx? Pidgy, attack! Rapidash looks mad...
Seadrance's attack    
11.27.1999 English Version Screenshots Source: GameFan
Title Screen Exeggutor with a bad start Blastoise needing Band-Aid's(tm)
Machoke's half full (or empty) It was half empty Meowth not doing too well
Charizard's a hottie Just don't cut the cheese Bulbasaur needs mommy
Meowth vs. Electabuzz Gengar in a Kodak(tm) moment Dugtrio bracing for impact
Winner gets to flush After flushing the toilet The More You Learn(tm)
A determined Squirtle What a view Mixing Lickitung with Tobasco(tm)
Charmander the living torch Koffing fears Pikachu "Look into my eyes."
The choice is yours Pokemon selection Mode selection
Wigglytuff's ICQ impersonation Minigame 1 Minigame 2
Minigame 3 Minigame 4 Minigame 5
10.09.1999 New Screens Source: GIA
Ekans runs into some Diglets Magikarp takes to the air Kakunas and Metapods
Dragonite stands tall Goldeen shooting water? Persian growls
Winding road Goldeen Charizard fire breath
Staryu attacks    
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Venonat Vileplume 2      
Weepinbell Hitmonlee Bulbasaur
Grimer Articuno Kakuna
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