Pokemon Stadium

All one hundred and fifty-one this time!

By Anna Marie "Paws" Whitehead

      Nintendo has once again set up its bucket under the cash cow in the hopes of squeezing the most milk yet. What's all this fuss about? A simply titled game called Pokemon Staduim. Perhaps simple isn't the right word for it, since the word 'Pokemon' has become a household name. Who hasn't heard of the cute little animals through the hit TV show, hot selling TCG, and most importantly, best selling RPGs for the Game Boy.

Pikachu; beautifully rendered.

      So, the phenomenon raises up and brings us this gem of a game. With amazing looking 3d rendered graphics, Pokefans will be thrilled to see their favorite Pokemon from all angles do what they do best: battle. Of course, this being named Staduim, it concentrates on the battling of the pokemon itself. While this doesn't seem to much of an RPG, where to get these trained Pokemon is: right off of your gameboy! Yes, those Pokemon you put long hours into meticulously levelling up have some use other than the whumping on Gary. The battle scene are well laid out and easy to follow for even the youngest of players. It will be a great thrill to see how well the moving animation of these characters are done.

      Aside from the eyecandy and thrill the game will bring, it will also have its own extra spices to add to the appeal. For example, special prizes avaliable include those hard to get Pokemon on your Game Boy Packs. Picked the Omanyte fossil? Well, pick up that Kabuto right here! Hitmonlee looked more appealing? Snag Hitmonchan here, because they're ready to go. Eevee is also a goody you can pick up, since you'll want at least 3, for each evolution.

Whack-a-Diglett, anyone?

     The obvious question now comes up: how to get those Pokemon from the Game Boy to the N64. Thoughtfully included with the game will be a special Transfer back that will attatch to the controller from the same port as a rumblr pack and save card. This will be used to both upload Pokemon to the 64 and to the Game Boy.

        Battling one versus one against the AI or someone else's Pokemon isn't the only option avaible: there will also be a plethora of mini games to enjoy. These games will challenge your mind as well as your reflexes and again show the dynamic graphics this game will be toting.

        Pokemon Staduim is due out in stores on March 6th. Get it early, because this game is going to sell out fast.

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