Pokémon - Screen Shots
02.25.2004 More Remake Screens
Pick a person Taking a picture Some guy and Ash
Leaving the area Info on the guy List of Pokémon
Dungeon explorer The wise earth man You scared everyone
Why could that be? All women please go to the second house on the left I can't believe that sign worked
Nice 50 Show him what it takes to be the best Three pages of this stuff
Welcome to the info center Sorry, not on duty Tap as fast as you can
02.02.2004 Shots from the GBA remakes.
Mean looking guy Wasting your allowance again? That's some wild hair
Choose a response Pokémon information The winner?
Fighter status 2,000?! That's robbery! Chatting with opponents?
Professor Oak's Labratory Picking a fight More chatting
Choose your response Standing with masters Nice foresty scene
Heading out Enter the forest? Attacked by a rat?
More options to choose Choosing another reply Yet another reply
Evolution chamber? No idea on this one The mean guy again!
Pokémon battle Pokémon detailed info Heading out in greys
Stuck in the grass? Pokémon evolutions Pikachu!
More nice forests Fighting random people That grey world again?
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