Pokémon Colosseum - Screen Shots
08.11.2004 Bevy of Screens
Choices Familiar Faces Battle Now
Versus Beginning a Battle Mareep Attacks
Correct Attack HP Dropping New Selection
Dig Dizzying Mareep Attacked
Mareep's Replacement Sandshrew, Go! Sandstorm
Next Swapout Another Exchange Paralyzed
Catnapping True Words End of Battle
Name Entry Mountainside Retreat? Evil Grin
Nice Ride Looks Unhappy Satisfaction
News Flash A Hint? Twin Set
Gaining Experience Thunk Winnings
Shop Wares Overworld Map Zooooommm
Lady in Need Waterfalls Hint, Hint
Seeing Things Treasure Secret's Out
Level Up Introduction Studying
Surprise! Faceoff Computer
Bad News Threat Spinarak
Glaring Darkness Surprise Fact
Literature Becoming a Snag Ball Another Fight
Powerful Attack Bite Side Effect Wrong Attack
Surf Snagged! Spilling the Beans
Just Wait... Town From Afar Crossing His Fingers
Glass Balls Ahead Jailbirds Secrets
Not a Choice Oops? Palm Computer
Data Entry Move List TMs Available
Steal of a Deal Storage Selecting in Storage
Swapping Out More Swag Literacy Woes
New Moves Regeneration Storing Items
Disappointment Foreshadowing Beginning a Battle
Bubblebeam Calling Out Hyper Mode
03.09.2004 Extra Screens
Moving around the world Some sort of blast Freeze it
Not enough engines Anyone home? The battle begins
A look down All the stats Nice 3D
The dark ones Take the train Standing tall
It's changing Power up Evil
A big one Looks powerful
05.14.2003 E3 Screens  
Feraligatr growls SQUISH! The Groudon prepares for attack
Hot Hot Hot! A powerful blast of H20 "I know the Mantis style!"
"PI-KA-CHUUUUUU!" Lightning vs. Water, do the math... I bet he's just hungry, or something
Sleeping on the job Dual Pokémon battling goodness  
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