Pokémon: Trading Card Game - Screen Shots
04.12.2000 Assorted Release Screens Source: Daily Radar
Card List: Switch The playing area Meowth vs. Onix
Attach a Psychic Energy card Full heal; good for what ails you Eevee's Quick Attack
Andrew thinks too much Checking out your card Charmander's Pokédex info
A challenge You win a booster pack! Internal Glossary
Player's hand Getting advice Start by drawing cards
Seaking vs. Raticate 3 decks to choose from. Familar? More advice
You'll play Aaron alot Squirtle! I choose you! Fire Energy
Magmar's Smog attack Flipping a coin Draw a card
Seel vs. Magmar Continue? Looking around
A sign of things to come World Map Your rival has a head start
9.13.99 First Screens Source: Nintendo of Japan
Pika-pi? The Elusive Mew Cute little Meowth
Electrifying Pikachu In a nice little room Service girls
Discrete GB Linkage GB Radiation Sparkly Game Boy
A room Random Menu-2 A minature library
Status/Menu screen-2 "X" is bad Sleeping Persian
Charizard Trading Card Venusaur Trading Card Blastoise Trading Card
Pikachu Trading Card    
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