The 3rd Birthday News - News  
·You're Invited to the 3rd Birthday in March 02.02.2011  
·The 3rd Birthday TGS Trailer Features Angst and Tentacles 10.01.2010  
·Nomura and Friends Talk Dissidia 012, 3rd Birthday 09.27.2010  
·TGS 2010 - Square Enix News Bites 09.16.2010  
·Have a Parasite Party for The 3rd Birthday 08.26.2010  
·3rd Birthday Developers Interviewed by Famitsu 07.02.2010  
·The Third Birthday Detailed in Famitsu 06.28.2010  
·E3 Lineups from Natsume and Square Enix 06.09.2010  
·More Third Birthday Details Released 10.27.2007  
·Parasite Eve 3 In Development 05.14.2007  
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