Parasite Eve 2 - Movies
9.15.1999 North American Version  
Intro Movie 15,300 KB
12.24.1999 Japanese Version Source: IGN
The Intro (FMV) 6,208 KB
Hellicopter fall down go boom (FMV) 1,391 KB
10,000 years can give you such a crick in the neck (FMV) 1,263 KB
Investigation comes first (well, after falling down go boom) 1,638 KB
Aya up in da hood bustin' caps, kickin' mutant arse, and takin' names 1,913 KB
And you thought the rat scene in the first PE was grody... (FMV) 3,403 KB
Fighting the freshly made mutant 2,474 KB
Rupert finishes the job... with a kick 2,427 KB
I can't bear to see Aya hurt 2,883 KB
Aya finishes the job 685 KB
10.23.1999 New Trailer Source: Gamespot
The big version of the new trailer 22,616 KB
The small version of the new trailer 5,395 KB
Parasite Eve E3 Movie Demo
Parasite Eve 2 TGS Battle Movie Demo
Parasite Eve 2 TGS Morphing Movie Demo (Yes, make fun of the title...get it over with. ^-^)
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