Otogi: Myth of Demons - Screen Shots
08.16.2003 Pre-Release Screens
Dismantling skeleton dudes Aim up! Maiming poor defenseless rocks
Full life Battle over water Err, is that his arm?
Millipede or centipede? Underwater battle, now Reminds me of the water planet in Starfox 64
Hey, something colorful! "Let's put obvious Asian overtones! It'll sell great!" What other boss' carries malt liquor with them? Well, okay, maybe not liquor.
From overhead it looks like a drum set. Durh. Dissipating torso? "Super Nova!" ..uhh, sound good?
Methinks he's double jointed 241 Hits! Let's state the obvious! That's actually pretty cool
Numerous foes He's wearing a skirt! Radioactive lightning
Metal conducts electricity, thus a battle axe! Somehow the insane amount of lightning never hits you So much going on at once *_*
Destroying an old building Fire vs. metallic birds. Wonder which one's going to win text. It must be a demon god!
Eh, forgot the demon god. Let's go back to destroying stuff I.. think there's an arm there. It must be hard to be discreet with that obvious hair
Spiky blades of ice A change of elements ...and back to ice
05.21.2003 E3 Screens
Who left the heat on? Killer bean pods!
04.28.2003 A Few Screens
Just a little closer Umm...
12.12.2002 Initial Screens
Not exactly heartwarming... So *that's* what happens when you smash your sword on rocks! Armor... underwater. Anchor, anyone?
Worst nightmare, brought to life Magnificent! I bet he's not roasting marshmallows...
Heat of battle How not to sneak past a sleeping beast Yow, that's hot!
I don't think the electricity is bothering it... Duel in the Arctic Perhaps he just wants some tea?
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