Sudeki - Artwork
11.25.2003 High quality art
Ailish posing for the camera Ailish hand drawn and coloured Buki showing off her weapons
Elco our male lead Need an industrial sized can of bug spray A water fowl for a mage
The overly ornate mage Hand drawn tribal guy Your typical ogre
A dragon-crab-snake enemy Buki hand drawn and coloured Buki hand drawn
Stereotypical knight Hand drawn alien Hand drawn female assasin
Hero with a robotic arm Hero hand drawn Her hat doubles as a weapon
Must be a beast tamer, the irony What demons summon with left-over parts Bird Man
Zombie worlf-man Tal your hero with the larg sword Tal hand drawn
05.19.2003 An E3 artwork, and an older IGN piece IGN
Our gorgeous heroine A special Valentine's Day image
09.28.2002 First Artwork
The female heroine They want you... Wicked-looking angel
Another female heroine Quite gothic She's holding a crystal ball
And now a male hero Swampy and dense A treaded skull robot
Dodging the giant lizard creature's clubs Here's an arachnid Better not let go...
An attack animation THAT is a freaky scorpion Bring it on, spirit!
A series of steps A beautiful female The other male hero
Edward Scissorhands makes a guest appearance, masked of course