Metal Dungeon - Screen Shots
02.27.2003 Screenedlyishnesser
Ooo, shinies. Smokin'. Doesn't look like much of a dungeon.
Nothing can stop u-...Ow! So much grey. Magic Circle Drawing Starter's Kit.
Ahh, a flaming poker! Character creation. More character creation.
Even more character creation?! Okay, stop making characters now. ...I said now!
No more, please... A big... metal... thing. Shopping?
Ahh, yes, shopping! More random menus. The amount of grey in this game is astounding.
Drab grey, shiny grey, bright grey, psuedo-grey... Call fer yer free psychic readin'! The flaming pokers strike again!
Your generic variety of blob. Mmm, brains. Such weaklings, eh?
Ooo, it's rusted. He looks hard, but he isn't. Really. Flies that... fly.
I'll cut you! Frogs... in a dungeon... Er, another flamer.
Yar! That's one hell of a beard. Bewaaare the grey walls, my children.
Bone thug in the dungeon. Looks like a good dog to me. The eye doesn't look amused.
Mommy, these things scare me! Scyther?
05.30.2002 E3 Screens
Big-screen TV Giant fire dragon Colorful field
03.03.2002 Additional Screens
Absolutely shocking! Something's about to happen... Alone in the dark
People on all sides Fire away! Some type of shield?
02.09.2002 Another Look
In the main base A blue blast of energy A mysterious fog-like substance..
A lab-like place On the outside looking in Enemies with swords ablaze!
Another lab, of sorts Trading! A hanger, perhaps
09.25.2001 First Screens
Even nasty red things submit to giant guns An errant fireball Laser kissing
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