Jade Empire - Screen Shots
01.07.05 I know Kung-fu
All praise Babar You spin me right round, baby Nice dress
Fugeo Hi-ya! Hadooken
I like these odds Check out the latest fashion
11.19.04 Watch and Learn, Grasshopper
Dodging the attack Ice Shard Style in action Do you feel lucky, punk?
Prepare for battle! Greetings from the Necropolis
09.28.04 Kung-fu Fighting
Behold, the glowing blue after-image OF DEATH PH33R THE FROG A devastating push
Strike a pose You think you've got what it takes? Sunlight shining through the trees
Dances with wol...er, a fox Caution: Axes in hand are larger than they appear A mysterious warrior
3 on 1
06.10.03 Some More Screens
Sparkle Hands Hello, Beautiful I Think He's Charging
Charging, Please Wait I Have Yellow Balls! Squatting
Yellow Rings This Will Hurt Kick, Punch, You All Remember
White Magical Ropes Smash-o-Crash Flamer!
Lightning Arts Practice Makes Perfect Demon on Demon Violence
All Greek to Me Big Toad, Little Man Showoffs
Fatheaded Demon Iron Warrior Bloody Kicks!
Medusa Factor Goodbye, Head. Hello Migraine!
10.03.03 A few offical screens to start with.
Somewhat of a title screen. My new back yard(I wish). Hustle, big guy!
Funny mustache. No Matrix "kung-fu" jokes, please. Beware of the multi-armed molester!
Chai Ka isn't evil, just misunderstood. That mask isn't very dinner-friendly. CG shot of a floating palace.