Black Stone: Magic and Steel - Screen Shots
03.09.2003 Additional Screens
Strange battlefield Standing around Yoshi?!?!
Gotta love those plant beasts Hoppin' around again All lonely
What a lousy paycheck Traveling some more A spell of some sort?
Ready for battle? Yoshi's cousin, who happens to like meat He's not after mushrooms this time
Whatever that is. Wooded area Plant beasts aren't good.
More gold! All the fighting... Try some fire on for size!
Big monster More plant monsters Will it ever end?
Fire fire fire!!! fire fire times two! You said knock politely
Attacking monsters is fun You'd think that those plant things would get the hint... And die...
A spell maybe? A big bird head Must kill!
A fire demon? That comes with a gigantic sword Very scary
He looks a tad angry Wear gloves when fighting him Two blue hands
The hands... the haaaannndddsss.... Pretty pretty blue gloves ...that produce fire
Ice attacks More ice attacks Ouch!
The start of a spell?
12.04.2002 Detailed Screens  
Hell's kitchen Glowing light Watch out!
Whatever it is, don't fall in That looks like trouble Everything looks dangerous in this game
Well, he's not very friendly Magic number? "Oh no, I dropped my keys!"
Fetid dungeon "I knew this was a bad idea..." Take that!
What spell is this? I think it's a little angry ... oh yeah, he's *MAD*
Check out those hands Uh-oh Fury of the elements
Ice spears Fighting in the dark
02.19.2002 3 More Small Screens  
Ugly Sky Flying Creatures Quote the Raven...
04.04.2001 3 Screens  
Inside a building of some sort Fire ring In an alleyway
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