Inindo - Screen Shots
05.26.2002 Assorted Screens
Well, imagine that. Somewhere safe? Bye, Iga Ninja!
Big snakes! Throwing stars! Man, I hate running into those..
Kill 'em! Inindo Forums, seen with the eyes of an idiot The resulting chaos
As opposed to a large? Drink some tea Walking outside
A noble concept Yeah, good thing! Wise decision
In hiding Aw man, not this guy again! Some not-so-lovely terrain
Heading around the caves Get that gem! Dead end?
Why not just write it down? Strutting around the caverns I think we took a wrong turn in Ohio...
Now we're surrounded by trees! Headed back in Decisions, decisions...
What to do? Yeah, so do I.. By the mountains
Title screen Chatting outside How much can I buy?
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