The 7th Saga - Screen Shots
01.30.2004 A look back
Now it's more inappropriate... She looks like the water. Shiny green guy.
Another shot of that ugly title. The game select screen. Choosing a character.
What's YOUR name? Getting started. He's a White Mage!
Tearful goodbye (not really) Upgrading your equipment. Battle!
Slashing the beast. Aww, it ran away! Moving on to another fight.
Level up! Visiting a town. NPC Interaction
More equipment upgrades King Lemele has warriors. Is he fighting in an Eva unit?
The Eva unit wins! A radar shows NPC positions. The Eva has a new weapon.
Free stuff! A NEW Eva unit! Chicken fighter.
Still fighting. You learned a spell! Ice 1!
Repaired 01.30.04 Just a few silly screens
Looks a bit naughty. Random battle screen. The hideous title screen!
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