Magic Knight Ray Earth - Screen Shots
  Assorted Screens  
Fuu Hikaru Umi
Start Screen Translation: Huh?! Cute Widdle Girlies
Winter Wonderland Big and Ugly! Hyperdelic World
It's Past Curfew... Dramatic Pose Someone break wind?
I'm not nosy The Pleading Princess Giving Pity
Ordinary? A Sumptuous Location A Tea
  Anime Screens  
Frost Comes Forth Guru Clef A Dastardly Man
An Evil Woman Hikaru Poses Hikaru is Shocked
Surprised? Dreamy... Umi is Shocked
Fuu looks Pensive If Looks Could Kill Group Dramatic Pose
Japanese Logo Come Hither, Says Clef Dang Little Bunny
Girls on the Run A Scarred Boy Dancing Lady
Eyes on You An Excuse for a Chest Shot I Think She Likes You
Cut Off Boy Blue Tattoos Are SO In. Group of Baddies
How Sad... Flashes and Lights All for One...
Sword Read at Hand Weapons Up YOU!
Fuu's Magic Blinding Magic Ball of Light
Get Ready for the Big Boom Evil Glare Glare Right Back
Prayer Armor More Posing
The Wise One Close Up Concern
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