Valkyrie Profile - Screen Shots
07.09.2000 Intro Movie and World Map Screens
Sound Test with 3D Spectrum Analyzer Sound Test, but with 2D Bars SA 3D Spectrum in action
Another shot of the analyzer Intro - Enix Yes, yes they are.
You're in trouble now. Shhhhh! Could be a threat
A young friendship Intro - Starlight Together at night
A promise? Flying around on the world map More world map
A vague view of the world map What's that down there? A Location description
Intro - tri-Ace Intro - Feather FMV Intro - Anime style female
Intro - A flying continent Intro - A Lord witha big weapon Intro - Anime male
Intro - Incredible eye reflection Intro - Angry? Intro - Casting a spell
Intro - A kiss Intro - An energy spear Intro - In a field
Intro - A knight Intro - Bowing Intro - Thinking
Intro - Wings!? Intro - A smiling knight Intro - An angry knight?
Intro - A female Intro - An insignia Intro - Jumping strike!
Intro - Kneeling to his opponent    
08.04.2000 First English Screens
Speech "Yep." Valkyrie and Freya
Knight states the obvious Unnecessarily large sword Party of three
05.29.2000 E3 Screens
On a river Combat Dragon!
A spider A temple  
01.20.2000 Screens Galore Source: PSX IGN
An Eastern looking town "Hello, there." A powerful attack
That's a big sword! Demands? 5220 points!
What's she thinking? Follow the light... Beautiful background
Talking on the bridge "Haven't I seen you before?" Running through town
Great looking forest Enter the house? More talk on the bridge
Where're the critters? An empty thought, mayhaps? Flights of stairs
Don't hurt the zombie! Landing in position Preparing an attack
A devastating attack! Pretty fire... Flying in the overworld
Is this fair? He looks hurt A cloudy day
Where's SHE going? A large building A walk through the cemetery
Is that building falling? Great day at the beach Three's a crowd
An old shack A bright light Maze-like building
Children at play Over Attack! Charging an attack
Casting a summon? Lots of steps Follow the path
"I have a train to catch!" Beach-front property Run-down area of town
That may hurt MORE stairs? An angel in disguise?
Is this the same town? Great landscape That would be tiring
Why do they pick on him? Purify Weird Soul? "What are you doing here?"
Impressive spell effects Flinching in pain Don't enter that house!
Peaceful looking town Running into the ocean? Too many stairs...
Rather creepy looking A dark town Fashionable townsfolk
Gazing into the distance Cross the stream Still creepy...
Top of the stairs! Evil looking...thing Town square
She's hiding Strike down at thee! Have at ye, foul beast!
01.06.2000 New screens [thumbnails] Source: GIA
Screen 1 Screen 2 Screen 3
Screen 4 Screen 5 Screen 6
Screen 7 Screen 8 Screen 9
Screen 10 Screen 11 Screen 12
Screen 13 Screen 14 Screen 15
Screen 16 Screen 17 Screen 18
Screen 19 Screen 20 Screen 21
Screen 22 Screen 23 Screen 24
Screen 25 Screen 26 Screen 27
Screen 28 Screen 29 Screen 30
Screen 31 Screen 32 Screen 33
Screen 34 Screen 35 Screen 36
Screen 37 Screen 38 Screen 39
Screen 40 Screen 41 Screen 42
Screen 43 Screen 44 Screen 45
Screen 46 Screen 47 Screen 48
Screen 49 Screen 50 Screen 51
Screen 52 Screen 53 Screen 54
Screen 55 Screen 56 Screen 57
Screen 58 Screen 59 Screen 60
Screen 61 Screen 62 Screen 63
Screen 64 Screen 65 Screen 66
Screen 67 Screen 68 Screen 69
Screen 70 Screen 71 Screen 72
Screen 73 Screen 74 Screen 75
Screen 76 Screen 77 Screen 78
Screen 79 Screen 80 Screen 81
Screen 82 Screen 83 Screen 84
Screen 85 Screen 86 Screen 87
Screen 88    
10.01.1999 Various Screens 1 Source: Core Magazine
Menu screen - 2 Large gathering Outside a building
On a beach Impressive battle Valkyrie strikes?
Purify completion    
09.20.1999 Various Screens 2 Source: Tri-Ace
Tornado attack Flame magic Lightning magic
Ice attack Stong blow Energy assault
Dragon breath Enemies beware! A battle well fought
Gathering the points Treasure galore Green blast
World/Places of Valkyrie Profile
Castle Scene Bridge Scene Throne Room Scene?
Valhala Forest Scene Stone Walled Surrounding
Snow Castle Beach Scene Brick Housed Town
Japanese House? Town Scene On a Ship
Another World?    
Battle Scene
Battling Dragon/s - 2 Spell Cast - 2 - 3 - 4 End of Battle
Lightning Spell Fire Spell Aura Spell
Electric Spell Melee Combat - 2 Explosive Attack
Entering a battle - 2 Powerful attack - 2 - 3 - 4 Boss Battle? - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6
Battle Menu - 2 - 3    
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