Threads of Fate Preview

    Dew Prism is Square's latest Action RPG and is scheduled for release in Japan in October, 1999. With key members of the Xenogears development team working on it, Dew Prism promises to be a game heavily laden with plot and character development. A playable demo was included with Seiken Densetsu: Legend of Mana, and it has shed further light on this promising game.

    As is the latest trend in RPGs you begin Dew Prism by choosing between two main characters, Rue, a young boy who seeks the Dew Prism to resurrect his dead sister, and Mint, a girl who wishes to use the power of the Dew Prism to take the throne from her sister. In the demo, at least, the quest and gameplay do not vary much no matter which character you chose to play as, but Rue and Mint are quite unique in their personality and fighting style, so it is well worth your while to play the game twice, using each character. It has also been rumored that in the actual game the story changes to a greater degree, depending on your main character.

    Graphics-wise, Dew Prism promises to be quite pleasing. The polygonal backgrounds and characters are well done with nice detail and vibrant colors. The characters move splendidly and quite realistically, their only fault being that the polygons, on occasion, appear very blocky. The are an improvement over most previous games, though.

    This game definately promises to be something special, especially for fans of Xenogears, as it has a very similar look and feel to it, such as the ability to jump, and a delightfully well-thought-out plot.

by Virginia Arsenault
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