Thousand Arms - Screen Shots
11.22.99 Lot'o'screens  
Start screen Opening intro Status screen
Save your game A futuristic factory? Even heroes wash their clothes
Castle Screen A town A town meeting
Let's shoping A nice town Laundry Day
Sepot? Playing in a ditch Some house
The yellow line is for... Working a coal mine.. How good is their room service
Street walking I'll take 2 please Can't we all just get along?
Streetlights pretty I... Walking in a winter wonderland
A pretty boy Are you ready? GO!
Tron! That's not happiness to see me Canyon Town
Walking the world Coaling mining That can't be good
The hotel hall Another Inn I think he moved
The Map He's gonna go fishing He's on a walkabout
More wandering around A dinning room? You tell me.
Start of a battle Women waging war Victory
"Look out!" Knife thug approaches Aquoon
The pretty lights BOOM Tally HO!
A battle somewhere that..... hurt. Run or Fight, the enternal question
kameha... wrong game Power of Wind! Powerball
kameha... wrong game Power of Wind! Powerball
The master needs help Well... I would hope so
For he is mine. I don't know what to say Sure that's the reason
Anime goodness Sodina Big Eyes
Yes? Cliff Schmidt
You're my dad? Jyabil Muza
Nelsha Wyna  
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