Saiyuki: Journey West - Screen Shots
05.08.2002 Endgame Screens (spoilers ahoy)
Take it from someone who knows Moving the boar JumpQuake
Victory Level-up bonuses Innuendo
As if that would be so bad Sure, why not? Chapter 4
Nice description No easy task, to be sure Party configuration
Map of Heaven Talking in the snowy hills And eat some cake!
Like food Bizarre end boss Mmm...sacrilegious
Domestic dispute Anime overlay Cast of characters
Watch the credits roll The end  
07.21.2001 First Screens
What to do, what to do? Preparing to take action Struggling against overwhelming odds
Battle on a bridge Inside Ask, and ye shall receive
Famous last words Status screens galore Doling out the Exp.
The deep moral issue of cloning Divine Bolt A fog settled upon the landscape
When you wish upon a star... Sparkly  
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