Rhapsody - Screen Shots
06.21.2000 Many new screens!
Enter: Cornet Espoir. Fighting the evil Bone Boy This battle's cake! Literally.
Flying cake.. Yum. Oww... Cake hurts. On the castle balcony.
Regal castle entrance. Ominous looking door... A very odd contest.
"Don't you love cooking, too?" The wings of love provide good lift. A stroll in the local forest.
"What would we do without inotium?!" Don't start that song! She's standing, I think she's awake.
Nice looking town, that. Children at play. The ever-humble prince.
A beautiful performance. The prince attacks! Her minion, falling asleep.
The empty stage. Rhapsody's title screen. Is this a church?
Battling by the water. "Stop it!" Cornet's a deep sleeper.
Finally! Pantyhose in bunches. Tsk, tsk. Nice shot of the opening city.
What's she getting thanked for? This village again? Ack! A cemetery!
"Any water in that well?" Pleasant day in the forest. Okay, a great day!
A walk with the prince! *swoon* Kill the toads! Killer sugar candy.
Flattened toads. Oww... That has to hurt. More sugar candy.
Busting out elbows isn't nice. Don't kill the cute critters! Mmmm... Cake.
Evil monster. Evil, stupid monster. Evil, dying monster.
The valiant knight! Checking upon the ladies. A fish called Wan--er, Bobo?
Cruel noblewoman. Food fights are commonplace, aye. Water creatures! *shriek!*
Pancake attack! Rather small dock, isn't it? Very nice area spell use.
The slime misses! Hearts of death? Heal!
The flan attacks. Why, it's more cake! Have a heart!
Large piece of sugar candy. The world map, of course. What is it that's ready?
Orange fish? I wonder... Oh, a meal for the prince. Almost there meaning where?
"Shall we go in?" Bright screen burst! Pancakeing
Dressing rooms? "How'd you get in here?!" Three undead beasties.
01.24.2000 Various Screen Shots Source: IGN PSX 
Mmm... red carpet Beautiful art And this is where it loses me
Menu select madness If only Bill Cosby were here Map O' Da World
Decisions, decisions Musically delicious! The sound of music
The title screen    
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