Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure - Review

Short And Sweet
By: Roku

Review Breakdown
   Battle System 3
   Interaction 3
   Originality 4
   Story 3
   Music & Sound 3
   Visuals 3
   Challenge Easy
   Completion Time 10-20 hours  

Yes, those really are giant chunks of Flan being thrown at the enemy
Yes, those really are giant chunks of Flan being thrown at the enemy
As an interesting twist on the traditional 'prince saves girl' story, the girl saves the prince in Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure. A rather strange upbeat game full of talking dolls, flying pancakes, and dozens of strange characters. The main character will randomly start signing too.

Rhapsody's battle system is actually that of a simple tactical RPG. You get into them like random encounters and they don't last very long, but it's still rather interesting. Very little strategy is needed though, as enemies are destroyed by barely tapping them. Each doll has its own set of similar abilities, but the unique part of fighting is the main character's ability to summon flan, cake, pancakes, etc. in order to deal massive damage.

There is an adjustable difficulty scale in Rhapsody, but all of them are easy. I had it on the hardest and I found myself able to fight even some of the game's strongest bosses with very low level characters without even breaking a sweat. I can only imagine how easy the game is on other difficulties.

The interaction is decent, menus are easy to search though and play control isn't a problem. There aren't really a lot of problems with spelling or grammar either. The singing is a bit different though, but you can listen to it in Japanese if you want instead of English.

Flying pancakes, random tactical RPG battles, the girl saving the price, and random singing? Yeah, Rhapsody is a pretty original game. Sure the tactical RPG elements are borrowed and none of the abilities are very unique, (well, aside from summoning cakes and stuff) but overall it's quite original.

The story, despite having an interesting twist and many bizarre characters, is really too short to evolve into anything amazing. There's only a tiny bit of plot development, and even less character development. Sadly, it only has an average plot overall.

It's no cheesecake, but it's still pretty good
It's no cheesecake, but it's still pretty good
Rhapsody is a very short game. Battles take only a few seconds to win on any difficulty and there isn't very much plot or character development either. The only thing that takes a while are the random songs. It'll probably take only 10 hours or so to finish the game normally, but if you want to fulfill all of the wishes of your dolls it could take about 20 hours since they don't really give you very many hints.

Most of Rhapsody's music is ironically average. Even though the game is very short, some of it still gets a little repetitive. There really isn't anything memorable about the music aside from the random singing which is pretty good in Japanese, but certainly isn't the best thing I've ever heard either. There aren't very many sound effects, but they work. Overall, the music/sound is all fairly average though.

The artwork found throughout the game is of the anime style. While most of the actual in-game sprites are too small to have a lot of detail, the visuals are pretty nice as a whole. There seems to be a strange attention to detail for summoning junk food for some reason though. Slightly above average all together.

The game is very short and very sweet, (sometimes flat out sappy) and while it's far from the best game ever, Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure still manages to have a certain charm to it. You'll probably either like it a little or dislike it with a passion, but it's a very short game and it ended before I got completely sick of it. It's worth trying, but there are better games out there too.

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