Khamrai - Screen Shots
08.01.2000 More Screens Source: The GIA
Trail dialogue Trapped Ambush!
A dark cave? Campfire confrontation Battle
Campfire dialogue Attack on a trail More battle
Strange Even more oddness Light orbs?
Weird One creepy looking villain The herd moves
It's magic Pillar of light A giant hand
Icy cold Swing, and a miss Cube faces
Light show Smokey ball A strange disc
Star faces Blue  
06.12.2000 First Screens! Source: Namco
Bouncy light attack Fighting crab thing Not really sure
Ice spell - 2, 3 Spiffy wind spell Weird spell
Curly spell Icebird spell? Vortex spell
Prelude to attack Doesn't look good Fighting crab thing again
More crab-bashing Whirlwind Whirlwind II
Darkness Action Pink floor
Enough with the crab! Action Smells like tree spirit
Crossing a bridge Chatting with Syuon Hut with stone chimny
Pale, purple-haired girl Slash! Early battle
This screen looks... ...a lot like this one. Weak shot
Weak shot II Fight! Fight some more!
Fushi talks to himself Rediculously ornate chapel Fushi talks to someone else
Chatting buy a fountain Greeting Fushi and Kazura talk
Kazura speaks Standing at entrance Happy Kazura
Angry trio attacks Angry trio attacks again Angry duo
3 against 5 Talking to old lady Kagato talking with Syuon
Stained glass & water Talking to townskid Talking to townschick
Outnumbered Evning the odds Fighting... something
Ornate chapel II Tukikage talks to Fushi Still talking
Ball of light Kagato talks to himself Talking to old lady II
Fighting light-green thing Ring of light Big rock
Not sure Fushi speaks Sad Turkikage
Turkikage still not happy Angry Kagato Calm Kagato
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