Hoshigami - Screen Shots
11.30.01 More Screens
An honest query Introductions Certainly not I
A bit shocked Exclamatory Time for some learnin'
You can say anything you want Resolve Smiling by the flowers
Tough choices abound Conversation Who could say no to that smile?
Doing his job And then there were four A command
Swords are meant only for killing Friendly mocking And an adept response
A new companion? More introductions A fairly common message
In the thick of battle Raised sword In the age of legends...
The story Tower More story
In the flames of war The title over battle Sessions 4 and 5
Fazz Tinn? Be a good boy
Different-angled sessions The sword descends Status
More status And yet more status And finally, more status
05 step He doesn't look all that sincere to me Promises galore
Trouble Attack Duel
Confusion A bit angry Choose wisely
Barked order    
07.16.01 More screens
Always talk with a grin Up close and artistic The elusive long-haired ellipse
It's not shouting, it's projecting Taciturn and one eyed. Must be a hit with the ladies. Say cheese!
Amidst the houses A bit stern A village aflame
The hand is quicker than the eye Looking a bit shocked  
05.24.2001 E3 Screens
Someone's enjoying the town Pretty blue ball Giving orders
Sign my guestbook! Battle screen Evil setting
Neither here nor there Well, shoot That bridge doesn't look too safe
Hee hee, there's a guy in the water Wipe that grin off your face The start of the session
Continuing the session Ending the session That's the second largest chunk of ice I've ever seen
Ruining brown earth A veangeful phoenix Purple beams of light
A nice purple spell Closer to a session On a slippery slope
What are the odds? That'll leave a mark Ahh...cure
Waves of magic
03.15.2001 Larger screens
Fighting in a large stone room She looks happy Faz stands proud
03.08.2001 More New Screens (part 2)
Flames rain down upon the battlefield A big green tornado Odd menu
World map Dangerously close to a waterfall Dangerously close to a character
Character stats Gotta get closer than that Wow, nice range
03.07.2001 More New Screens
Talking in town A demon destroys a village Hundred swords
Underground Screaming in battle Don't fall off!
Using the menu on the map screen BOOM! A holy sanctuary
End of battle bonus Pyrotechnics are cool "Can I help you?"
A menu screen Brrr! Pillar of fire
Taking stock while fighting I wonder who's winning Not in the face!
The explosions just keep getting bigger Purple lines of DEATH Standing on the green square
10.13.1999 New Screens Source: Gamespot
Ready to attack An energy attack A fire attack
In a store? Stopping to chat Bright light encases the battlefield
A odd looking attack Lightning magic Battle on a bridge
Moving in for the strike Selecting a spot... Fire in a dungeon
Interesting magic Explosive attack Stocking up on supplies
Faz and Raymarie Be careful! Girl
Under a stone bridge In a dungeon Fighting on a mountain
Detailed battlefield    
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