Granstream Saga - Preview

Granstream Saga is the Playstation's first fully polygonal RPG

By an RPGamer Writer

How can you kiss your love interest if you have no mouth?

   Granstream Saga is a traditional RPG with one outstanding feature: it's the first fully-polygonal RPG for the Playstation. The story is one we've heard a thousand times before: the world is in great peril, the continents are sinking, and only you, Eon, can find the Lifting Verses to save your people from a watery destiny. Relight the Orbs that hold the continents afloat (each of which is cleverly linked to an element) and save the world. Hooray!

   Still, Granstream Saga has all the elements that a solid RPG needs: good graphics, catchy music, a variety of dungeons and enemies, and a decent story and character development. One thing Granstream Saga does not have, however, is faces: in an attempt to one-up Final Fantasy Tactics' character designs, Granstream Saga's characters lack not just noses, but eyes and mouths too.

Fight enemies in real time

   All enemies can be seen before the battle begins. Careful movement can help you avoid enemy encounters altogether. Once in a fight, battles take place in real-time. Attack non-stop (not recommended) or sit there and be pummeled (also not recommended). A better strategy is to duck, block, or sidestep enemy attacks, then follow through with a physical or magical attack of your own.

   The story is also punctuated by anime cutscenes. These scenes are produced by the company who did the animation for Ghost in the Shell and Xenogears, and should be excellent. Granstream Saga looks like a traditional RPG with enough promise to warrant a close look.

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