Eternal Eyes - Screen Shots
10.19.2001 More Screens
Strange pink thing Tactical action Animated blast from the sky
Talking in town Trapped in a back room Under a killing moon
10.20.2000 Woo, screenshots! Source:
"Man I'm ugly." The unexpected Soul Reaper
He's dead, Jim A large ship Cool explosion
Just as suspected.. That's right, Junior Less that 17% chance of fungi.. hmm..
"Tee hee, I said important, heehee!" What a nice guy He's clearly not convinced
"My head is a kooshball!" The paper is quite old Yay, tomorrow
Grass Some menu Bad children
This guy is pretty ugly too Thank the king A bit of map
Thank you, Mr. Obvious Sure, this house is haunted She sees dead people
Pick a unit any unit And now a target, too A Tribal discussion
Some ugly guy makes threats Those kinda look like Pokémon Everyone looking at two monster things
Uh, yeah, the doll will get hit with the stone An optimistic view Apparently he had a close call
A big ship that resembles cheese
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