X-Men Legends - Screen Shots
09.26.2004 Mutant Media
Somebody's missing Is this really a hula hoop? Eeeh! Strike Two! Talking with the prof
Would you just leave the poor man alone?
06.05.2004 Darn Muties!
Lookie! Bugs! Size doesn't matter Soldiers bleed numbers!
Cyclops Senses Tingling! Now that is a tall Sentinel Could those be skills?
Still more Sentinels Ooh Pretty Lights Laser Time
Issit Dead? Full Metal Russian Ultimate Movie Cerebro?!
Heroic Pose? Check. Lookie, Iceman! Wall go boom.
Heroes in Circles? Put 'em up Zap, Zap
More Beta Fighting Colossus Smash Wolvering vs. Generic Morlock
Dispossessed, eh? Storm lives up to her name. Now that is a kick.
Phoenix Getting Mental Nightcrawler's here too! Ooh, Combo.
The Shifty Wall Shazam! Claw Frenzy
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