Venus & Braves - Screen Shots
11.21.2003 Official screens
Odd goat flower thing Menu screen Pick your party
Smite the hat wearing goblin Look! Twins Flower girl
On top, looking down Sword in the stone The innkeeper says
03.01.2003 Yet another array of V&B screens
Medieval Burger King. Mm, Ariah. Such a beautiful map.
Someone died...? A witch and a wizard conversing. Your magic-wielding minion speaks!
Valkyrie on the world map. Two knights blabbing on. The sibyl speaks!
Battle formations. Character selection Storytime with ViVid!
02.22.2003 Even newer eyecandy
Dynamic duo Angel wings So, what was I saying?
The blob attacks You two stand over there I'll go over here
Three Pretty blue light beam I'm number 2!
Gestalt board Conversing with evil Yellow bird thing
Another battle grid screen Where can I get a helmet like that? You are here
Black magic woman
Who's that scrawny guy on the left? Summoning Example #01 Summoning Example #02
Summoning Example #03 Summoning Example #04 Summoning Example #05
Summoning Example #06 Summoning Example #07 Summoning Example #08
In-battle summoning.
01.12.2003 More Glorius Venus & Braves screens
Congratulations! It's an it! Mmm, female dragoons/lancer. Character selection.
A glorious union is about to be made...! Marriage at the altar. More character selection
Living together...? Union/Marriage menu.
11.21.2002 A slight screen update
Character placement. Ogre Battle-ish fighting. Such fugly monsters to fight.
You obtained.... a thing! Simple dialogue.
09.26.2002 Newer eyecandy The-Sugoi
Someone seems irate. Fantasy dating sim! Come're, Lily! VICTOLY! (/engrish)
A WINNER IS YOU! Ogre Battle-ish. Purchasing troops?
Is the screen half empty, or half full? Troop replacement?! Battle formations. Yum.
Down with ye! More random formations. Such... beautiful... graphics...
09.26.2002 New eyecandy
The sky... I wish I could read this. Ms. Ninja speaks.
A winter wonderland. Is this guy grinning or grimacing? Doesn't matter.. he's so lovable!
'tis be an average peasant home. Maybe she's really a "Mrs." Ninja.
07.13.2002 First Screens
Status Screens Party Members It's a boy!
Speaking with the locals Trying to get a date A brand new battle style
That's a pretty big club!
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