Venus & Braves - Artwork
11.21.2003 Official Art
Roll call!
03.01.2003 Interesting Update Title
Character class art: Shaman Character class art: Sibyl Character class art: Samurai
Character class art: Warrior Character class art: Adventurer Character class art: Paladin
Character class art: Warrior Mage Character art: Yuma Rankan Character art: Surugi Wosmer
Character art: Alvi Volraid
01.18.2003 A few new characters + summon chart
Miletta Maguerin Olga Dooga Leo Guterham
Summoned monster chart
01.12.2003 More characters and classes.
Character class art: Wizard Character class art: Witch Character class art: Monk
Character class art: Archer Character class art: Valkyrie Character art: Flee Alvaroz
Character art: Maki Shisa Character art: Meeray Shimmel Character art: Igor Navarro
Character art: Mayura
12.15.2002 Character profiles and pretty locations. RuliWeb
Character Profile: Blood Boal Character Profile: Ariah Character Profile: Vivid Orrin
Character Profile: Lily Willor Character Profile: Wippel Magrainen Character Profile: Garef Barran
Character Profile: Wahlrus Farion Location: A stunning forest. Location: A gloomy town.
Location: A mysterious, unnamed place. Location: Downtown.
11.21.2002 More high quality V&B artwork
A funky shot of Blood, Ariah and ViVid. Zeek Feeny
Character class: Knight Character class: Cleric Character class: Barbarian
09.26.2002 Massive new art selection!
Blood Baoll, the Albino Immortal. Ariah, your local goddess. ViVid, mysterious witch!
Garef, swordsman guy. Lily, Rikku lookalike(but better!) Someone give me this guy's name.
This guy's name, too! Character Class: Ninja Character Class: Magician
Character art: Ariah Character art: ViVid Character art: Blood
A placid town shot. Ariah, looking as beautiful as ever. V&B Character groupshot.
Blood looks to the sun. World Map. Looks kinda like Europe. Landscape art 1.
Landscape art 2. I want to live in here...
09.26.2002 Small new art collection... The-Sugoi
An utterly beautiful groupshot. Le Knight. El Barbarian.
Another cute V&B girl!
07.13.2002 Character Artwork
Blood Aria Vivi
Lilli Garef
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