School-City Varanoir - Screen Shots
10-2-2002 First look  
Myu speaks Myu starts the game a chimney sweep Rimrim!
A Chat in the Arborium Ryunelva lectures Myu Where do you want to go today?
These are your options. Equipment Screen Changing Weapons
The infamous Yes/No dialog. The Camp Menu Myu and Ryuto swap items
World Map Preparing for Battle More preparations
Begin battle? Someone casts a spell Myu gives a battleplan
Nejyu's movement menu Level up! Are you sure you want to move here?
Myu awaits orders. "Mommy, look, the floor is glowing!" Myu's enemy feels the burn
A monster rushes Myu Myu casts a spell Targeting an enemy
More targeting Myu uses an item The School tower
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