Tsugunai - Screen Shots
11.29.2001 Lots o' screens
Angel mural Watch your language! Channel into...his body?
From two feet away Power focus Getting kinda low on HP
Well hello She says while shuffling her feet This is why I don't go to the beach
Fishing The female version of Silent Hill 2 Lost in the murk
Possibly a ghost ship? About time we got to this A dirty old house
He should be able to walk right through that door in his condition Poor ghosts On the dock
They'd be so freaked out if they saw that thing Obviously not What happens when you drink
Creepy little guy The infamous three stump puzzle Possession
You'd better believe it An extremely capitalist game Entering the body
Possessed by the Runaway Girl No kidding Heh, not likely
That's the theory, anyway Nice arsenal Or just think of it as a poster, whichever's easier Everyone knows that Not many choices in this place
Graveyard flowers Hiding behind the stone Paying respects
Stare at the stairs Bad timing Forget-me-nots
Going down Kneeling before the grave There's an awful lot of cemetery screens
That's what the last girl said Wandering through town On a dirt road
Aquamarine Yeah, well, people say a lot of things They prefer the word "creature"
Not to be confused with the Jewel Lepers Battle results Throw a penny?
Sure, why not Dum de dum He's probably talking about the fish he caught
Fitting through a tight spot Cliffside view Down the cliff stairs
And now up the cliff stairs Approaching a tree A mysterious door
In a clearing In front of the tree house Branch walking
That was its last mistake Running through the darkness The cat can talk!
Typical Battle slash Pool of light
Can't have an RPG without a fire attack In the midst of battle Prancing around the enemies
Killing beetles Posing for effect  
05.23.2001 Tidbit Screens
Heroic Pose Angelic "Is she going to be OK?"
03.06.2001 Yet More Screens
Talking with soldiers Fighting monsters Is it a sunrise, or a sunset?
Fighting a big green thing An evil cat Visiting a grave
01.04.2001 More Screens
A mural Someone's resting Walking around
Possession Entering a room A beast
Menu A woman Over a bridge
On a beach Closeup Fireball
Glowing light Brilliant hit Waterfall
11.13.2000 First Look Source: IGN
Fight with a giant bird A 3-D battle Odd armor
Split Screen    
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