Taisou Mononoke Ibunroku - Screen Shots
02.13.2003 First Screen
Title screen Chose your character Roaming the streets
What are you doing at MY temple? I can't take it anymore! Is someone spying on me?
Give it a spear and it'll be good to go Those poor, poor children 18 DAMAGE! But, I used my strongest skill
I should have brought the half dozen other cats I own Shiva... Sorry wrong game Humph, I forgot my bow at work
If you keep pressing O, I'm going to lose it I guess the first option is best I want to change into the cute one
It's a poison cloud *shivers* I'm cold Fully cured
So that's what sunk the Titanic Hey don't you know it's wrong to hit a girl Aren't I purredy?
One of these swords should hit The power! I'm scared of the dark
My stats suck!    
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