Stella Deus: The Gate of Eternity - Screen Shots
12.17.2004 Some screens with your story?
How touching So, we'll meet under the balcony? Status
Title screen Hmmmm, X or O Option menu
Think the radiation died down yet? World map traveling Hello there
Mission start!! What to do, what to do Press triangle to start
Are we there yet? One support skill Someone busted in through the non-existent doors and stole stuff from our treasure chests again
NEW Wow, ugly old man Request list
Rank 1 Two choices left RelayPlay
Help on the world map Equipment Item fusion
Damage - 90 Very bright attack Bad guy surfing
Fire Team attack 67 AP
Enemies have an unfair advantage More help on the world map SP40
Better equipment Healing items? Hit Select and DIE!!
Hmmmm, what class next? Finish quickly Low level character
Dual weapons As the stats turn You're looking mighty blue
More bright attacks Go with attack Almost falling off that cliff there
Slasherooni First, move and then, attack Finish them off!
Now, to find those enemies Ok, no huddling please Only player characters get turns this time
Attack and then RelayPlay Has the battle been won? Clear Bonus
Very colorful Quick..... get it off her head! Walking on the awning
A two for one deal Preparing for a team attack Walking on air
At the bottom of the stairs On/off? 0/1? Using the bow and arrow wisely
The green void Choose an attack skill Healing in the nick of time
Ginger bread attack men Feel my full health!! EXP 17
Level up holy bright yellow light, Batman The tree was always picked last
Each team realized neither could swim Support Skill +10% Hiding over here
Sword attack The odds are looking good Hmmmm, Talking to myself is wrong?
+11 - 550 SP Rank 3 Level up again
Close up team attack Halo attack
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