Seven - The Cavalry of Molmorth - Screens
11.14.2000 Light Screenage Source:
Soldiers recieving orders Baru speaks! Where is everybody?
Well-lit floor Spell about to be cast  
10.30.2000 More Screens Source: The Magic Box
Animated Baru Animated Hero Big ugly monster
A spell World map All alone
In a dark room In a pillar of light On the road again
8.27.2000 Screens Source: The Magic Box
Logo Brick road Soldiers' debriefing?
Inside some room Same room, less talk Scene in a mystic forest
Which way to go? Party in a town Back to the brick road
Debriefing part II A sign on a tree Ogre Battle! (?)
Another formation Formation 3 Formation v3.1
Party defending, maybe? A fourth formation Lightning vs. Ogre
Ogre takes damage Initiating a spell Healing spell part I
Healing spell part II Healing spell part III Healing commences!
In the town again A guarded bridge Back to the brick road
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