Reiselied: Ephemeral Fantasia - Screen Shots
06.05.2000 New Screens
And I hope you like jammin' too In the marketplace The Star Spirit is refreshed
Boom! The power of electricity Hi! I'm (a) Rummy!
Drawing in strength    
08.07.2000 New Screens Source: IGN
Beware the Jabberwock! Big magic spell Wierd zebra thing
Big water spell Swirly magic spell Monster close-up
Closeup of Mouse Kneeling to royalty The passing of the lute
Awwww... All hail the light Rallying the troops
"Take my hand" "Perhaps you've had enough" Conversation
Nice effect Steel against steel In the spotlight
Bright light Romance A walk in the forest
Indoors Jam session Title screen
08.07.2000 First Screens Source: IGN
Throne room Staring at floating text Fight!
Blonde kills bird with fire Wierd monster Chatting with townies
Sailor's greeting Running through town  
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