La Pucelle Tactics - Screen Shots
05.03.2004 More Screens
What do you want! Why you... Ahhh
Pave the way Enemy's until the end Boom for a lot of damage.
Omega Fire Waste some time. Dang bats.
29 damage Lightning Rod Bonk
The Vikings attack Yes, she is Fight!
What to do? The stats Umm, sure.
Who should make the first move? Zombies? I want to go home. Three way attack.
You better be done. You're a novice too? Smack
It isn't going to be you. Level up your attack. Basics? Who needs those.
Punch of death. Leaf monster One remaining.
Fight!... No effort Him vs Her
Leave me alone, please Grrrr It's the training
What to do Line attack 4 5
The bat will die Where are they coming from? Gather around the enemies
Into the palace More monsters They won't stop
AHHHHH Walking in town
02.25.2002 Three Excellent Screens Famitsu
Make that face too much and it'll stick that way Battle in the waste lands Terror by a forest pond
02.03.2002 First screens
Dealin' out the damage Damage bonus A "miracle"
Defensive support Ready for battle Outside the gates
In front of the church Inside the church In town
A rather run-down interior Examining the room Explosive!
This place is a real hole-in-the-wall... He doesn't look too happy Fighting assorted animals
Fight in the woods Heading up a hill Fight!
A blast of magic A...much bigger blast Prier's magic
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