La Pucelle Tactics - Artwork
05.03.2004 More Artwork
Alouette Alouette Again Another Alouette
Angelica Chocolat Into the Heavens
Culotte Culotte Again Culotte Again 2
Culotte... Another Culotte Culotte for the last time
Dark Eclair Eclair Eclair Again
Another Eclair Elly Eringaa
Gang Homard Gathering
Kurowa Mamuron Nowaaru
Prier Prier Again Another Prier
Prier Again... Prier Yet Again Prier for sixth time
Prier Ends Salad Yattanya
02.03.2002 Scenes and Characters
Destruction Worship Battle
Prier, the main character Alouette Culotte
Captain Homard Chocolate Party Croix
The fairy, Mamuron Princess Eclair Father Salad
Yattanya A mysterious woman
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