Phantom Brave - Screen Shots
06.06.2004 Ode to Screens
Ray of Light Something go Boom Ahh! Run!
Big Bad Sword-Man OMG KAWAII!!!1 Check, Please!
Flashy Boom all for 0 Damage. Another Battle Shot Don't Mind if I do.
Sunflowers Post! Overcompensating Much?
Sora's Little Brother Sora' Red Bubble!
More Red Bubbles Talky Talky Lots of People
Tree Check! Go Go Menu Ranger Score...!
Hey Babeh Dude, Not in Public! Bless You!
Who Doesn't Love Purple Bubbles? Blah Blah Blah Cart Toating
Ivoire Times Time! I Wuv You I Dunno What, but I Have 100 of 'em
Dominatrix or Warrior? I'm Movin Already! Cyclone, Maybe?
Fire, Fire, Fire! Dome of Doom Now THIS is a Heal
Bye, Bye Res! Read and Green What a Chatty Beach
Scenery Change! Game Over...maybe Blob, Blob, Blob, Sword, Blob
Oh No! Fight Time! Hah Hah! It's a Ball!
Menus...again Monster Tower! Man With a Big Sword
50% Protection Packed Board Overbacked Board
More Moving Menu City Chains and Protection...
Chain Play Lion Chain P.D.A Please!
Mushrooms Hello Book! Yay! Level Up!
Now for Stats Confine 'em... ...or nuke 'em
It Likes Me! Blow 'em Down Slime Fight
Big Woofy! Charging Up He's Kinda Pale
Underage Girl, Pale Boy, and a Bedroom Zombie, Zombie! Charging Up 2
Pick a Target Thinking About It Surrounded a Tad
Placing a Town Blocked Off Shiny Missile Attack
Where to Move More Leveling Windy Attack
Sword + Ray = Boom! More Flash Even More Flashy Attacks
Magic Circle Ooh He Stole on You! Still Flashy
Blue and Yellow Flash Coin Attack 1 Coin Attack 2
Gotta Catch 'em All? Flashy from Afar Shiny Barrel of Doom
Carting Exclaimed Move, please!
Ocean Splash cause... ...of this little slime! Power Circle!
Talking before Battle Bunches of Shrooms Moving Out
One Hot Motha' Big Bushes Foxy Fish!
More Bang Action Move or Video Game? Green Flash
Amazone Talking Rings of Magic Pretty Snowy Tree
02.19.2004 Additional Screens
Checking the mail Sick in bed Talking business
The big bad bird Thinking in the dark Training
I couldn't tell you Pick a sword, any sword Name please
Taking a look If she goes there, and he goes there, then they would win Big enough sword?
Boxes can level up? Ouch... It's a rock!
A list of things to do. This could hurt Ready
When trees attack The whole map Not the best thing to move
Major thrower OK... What happened to him? It happened again
Death Sword through the gut Menus everywhere
VS mode Organize End turn
Just grab the sword already
01.24.2004 Bunch o' screens Game Watch
Spell time Attack the sharp pointy rock 30% protection
Character stats +49 something Quick! Hide in the barrel
Target the monster with the paper hat The dangers of playing catch with grenades Light the candle
It's a carnival game Expletive! Check and Mate
Teetering tower of bodies Insert plot here "Sat back faceless monster!"
"I told you not to make fun of his hands" Why so blue? It's like he's saying something important
Goody! Nice day, blue sky and it's utterly dark out And I thought my apartment was small
The natives are restless Joy! I'll use my transparent blue box attack
And I thought I told you to pack the silver bullets Hmmm, lemme think where did I put those bullets? All boxed in
Kick the level one creature Cat skin hat He's got an "F" in lightning
She's got an "F" in attack The green mage is red Turn him into a signpost
Pink fluffy doom When words attack Hold the sword in his mouth
65! Now pick up the sword One man most pit
Behead the undead Pick option three Just checking the range
The turn order seems a little stacked He learned the bum rush from Sabin Why'd you drop it?
Overkill attack GO! Ran out of mana Next step: Carbon
Throw the book at him That one big blue crystal that you summoned Rock on
Skin jumps while bones stay on the ground Admiring the fauna Insert name here
Green flame attack I hate the cold She doesn't seem to impressed
Stats page Lv.1 Bookworm Stereotypical stats screen
That's got some good range Attack wedge Stairway to heaven
Hurricane attack Giggle! Look at all the cacti
Quake with fear in the presence of the cactus of power Yard sale +4 in pinkness
Extreme rock throwing One of those training exercises Sphere attack
I now behold the cactus of ultimate power She's having fish tonight When you forget to feed the fish
The ghost of Christmas past brought friends this time
11.24.2003 Tactical Goodness Continues Game Watch
Doh, next time I'll use deodorant Nice hat It's a bird, it's a plane...
It's...that hat girl again? Targeting... Hiding behind random teeth
Did this happen to you as a child? Mail time! Soda time?
It must have been for you Weird creature Geek wants in on the action
Weird creature returns The fish is the real danger here Watching the floating pointer
It's so pretty Staring contest Making a choice
Lots of flash, but no umph Zombie fighting time Forgot to upgrade my equipment...
Yeouch! Get the chest! Team attack?
Everyone is well equipped Go here Attack of the leaves
Hiding behind the stumps That geeks still wants in on the action Lots of money
A large polearm
10.02.2003 First Screens impress Watch
What island? All these people at my house. Dry...
So what are your qualifications? Nice sword This is how you work out?
Where to move? All these enemies Lv 1 and fighting dragons
All these commands Cure Such cute monsters
Ahh mushrooms everywhere *BAM* Ouch
It's so bright Surround attack I wouldn't want to be in that mess.
Into the air Burn! Where's that wind coming from?
That's some bowl
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