Princess Abarenbow - Screen Shots
12.28.2001 More Screens Game Watch
Thumbs up Such attitude Well protected
A friendly group Talking with an old man Talking with a little kid
Talking with a cat...thing Character correlations Battle menu
Score screen What's my motivation? That's just freaky
Talking lizards    
11.09.2001 First Screens
Kingdom map Running through the door Lotsa running in this game, it appears
It's not that funny, really Battle screen What finger is that?
Screen hog She's not happy Prissy little princess
Status screen You are getting very sleepy... Bashful
Seal of power Jasmin speaks Determination
What do you want, cat? Lost in the sewers One unhappy cat
Wanted, dead or alive Not quite suave enough Tipsy
Easily amused Color coordinated Pulling a weapon out of nowhere
11.09.2001 First Screens Magic Box
These characters are way too determined for my taste Run through the city streets Meteor impact
Ew, you're all dirty! ZAP Stand proud
Pretty blue ball Nighttime stalking  
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