10.23.2000 Lots of new and wondrous screens Source:
Helping a friend Fearing their shadows Cozy campfire
Some tower thing sticking out of the water She saw a frightening centipede Hair and rose petals
Someone lit a match That is one huge mouth She must see the camera
Everyone looking at a picture frame or something Rambo and a sunset Cool looking rain
Water Gold stuff Two guys on squares
Two very hideous hands Tree Giant spikey ball thing
10.13.2000 More Gameplay Screens Source:
Adventurers in conversation (2) In a hallway Against the wall
Careful with those bowls Close-up shot An explosion
Shrouded in darkness Monsters approaching Facing a radiant object
Radiant spell effects Blocking a spell A sword spell attack
An enemy charges Detailed floor A spectral monster
Charging effects at work Awesome spell effects (2) More spell charging (close-up)
Behind a jade wall Something in the darkness... Inside a detailed chamber
A vase A whirlwind of spell effects Platform-style gameplay
Lens-flare effects It's truly a thrilling action-adventure "RPG-based" battles?
Overhead view Oh, it is ON now, buddy... Approaching a temple
10.13.2000 Anime Cutscene Screens Source:
Blazing shield Silent scream An intimidating beast
A mystical woman A fierce warrior That's... quite a sword
A man dressed in burgandy red    
05.03.2000 First Screens Source: IGN PSX
Party of three Blast of magic  
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