Nobunaga's Ambition Online - Screen Shots
04.05.03 Handful of screens
Meeting by the hillside Item screen of somesorts Spiffy looking magic attack
Stop, drop and roll Split screen? Someone's status screen
Character creation made easy A magic scroll attack
01.06.2003 Plethora Of Screens 
Menu, chat, text. Bridge debate Grr, arg!
Open field Dark alleyway Alleyway banners
A dojo? Bales of feed Flex, flex
Approach at dusk To the door! Darkened porch
Enjoying nature Cherry blossoms bloom Someone important?
Field debate A serpent rears back Distant kaboom
Clash! Ready for battle "Ouch."
Hi-ya.... Poisoned? Face off
Ring around the rosie Boat in the distance Some big collar...
Inside a cave? Lurch and stumble Dashing in
Grotesque face Within a palisade In pieces!
Inside a tent Some kind of clique?  
11.02.2002 10 Small Screens Magic Box 
So many choices... Wow, some party! What should we conquer next?
Looking stoic. Anybody for an outdoor picnic? Isn't she gorgeous?
Biiiiird Maaaaaan "Sittin' on the dock of the bay..." Out for a stroll.
Character Profile
10.11.2002 More Screens  
"Hurry up, I have to use the cave too!" Decisions... Decisions... A large building
Ashton isn't the only one with a love for barrels. A menu Enemies approach
"Stuck in the middle with you..." A tower on the horison "I shall take the cave by force!"
Aerial view of a courtyard "You killed my brother's college roommate, prepare to die!" Walking through town
Warning: Do not use product to look directly at sun "I'm... out of pickup lines." Why is that man about to slash that window..?
"I didn't know she was your sister!" "'How' to you too..."  
07.11.2002 First Screens  
Holy priestress A beast set on fire A warrior runs into battle
Talking with an NPC Lens flare David vs. Goliath
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