Lunatic Dawn Tempest - Screen Shots
12.15.2001 Wee Screens
Listen to me Listening HackHackHack
Worldmap? Bow Blah Blah Blah.
Defense, Ra Ra Super Magical Attack Axe-citing!
THUNK!. All he does is talk So..very...lonely
So I will die in a barfight.. interesting. For the last time, we don't serve that here. A Gate
Blacksmithery A Scary Entrance Statuetastic
More Talking Convessional TalkTalk... when is ACTION?
Makeup? Shopping The new Style
Talking Armor Open Sez Me! 2 please
No Comment. Beautiful beach front property C... the answer is C.
Empty Marketplace Some..thing Temple
The Wiper Cave Wakey Wakey Next time, add the gunpowder last
Ha HA HA... no Maybe the bender wasn't a good idea. Prepare to be Picked.
Answer me these questions three. None Shall Pass. Yes, my child?
Answer me these questions four!    
01.09.2001 Screens in Fun-Size (tm) Source:
Some ugly guy modeling a hub cap "Hrrungghffghh" Hmm...
The 1 stands for his IQ.. His head is on fire  
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