Mystical Ninja Goemon - Screen Shots
06.15.2002 First Screens
Wielding a hammer Goemon The game's villain!
Fighting in an empty house Looking a bit sleepy Whoa! I almost was burned!
Taking out the opposition Looks like they're hungry... Yae fighting a monster
Sasuke Yae Ebisimaru
Setting a knight on fire Surrounded by lightning Playing with friends
Almost falling off a cliff! A close save from the fan Digging for hidden passageways
Battling through the snow Unfair advantages Covered in ice
Canyon monster ambush! Goemon makes a desparate attack Yae stands her ground
Evil spirits, leave this place! Cutting elements in two Making an ice sculpture
Massive explosion More creatures that wish to play Falling stars
A magic urn Loose change on the field Goemon tends to hold grudges
All warm and toasty!
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